Popular US Based Nigerian Model Felt Heartbroken Hearing The News Of 9-Yr-Old Girl Raped In Bayelsa

Following the story online about a 31 year old man raping a small girl of 9 years, US based Nigeria model and Founder of Mary Timms Foundation has reacted over the incidence. 
Reacting to the incident on instagram. She typed: “It breaks my heart to read over the Internet the several cases of Rape of minors and young ladies. Situations like these gave birth to my passion to fight against this inhumanity to man.
Where are going to? Tears run down my eyes when I hear these sad stories and the pains these little girls tend to live with forever. Though, Rape can be either way, but cases of underaged ladies are becoming prevelent by the day.
It beats my imagination why a 31 year old man in Bayalsa state will Rape a young girl of 9 year? What a wicked world and diabolic act? The man was s[…]

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