Full Message Delivered By A Woman In Benue During Buhari’s Visit Goes Viral

Mrs Elizabeth-Mary Shuluwa, a former Permanent Secretary in Benue state, reportedly delivered the message during the president’s meeting with stakeholders in the state over the series of attacks in the region by suspected Fulani herdsmen.
The message have since gone viral and everybody ia talking about it.
Below is her full statement: “Mr. President, I stand here today to talk on behalf of the women, children and the aged of Benue state. Ours is a cry Mr. President that we have cried since the eve of New Year, the black New Year in Benue state 2018.
On that day Mr. President, your mothers and women and daughters and children and the aged of Benue State woke up to a horrendous news, news of maiming and killings by marauding herdsmen and they just didn’t kill the men that were like th[…]

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