Now That Olamide Can’t Sing About Drug Again, What Do You Think Is Next Song Will Talk About?

Hi Guys,
Was just checking out some random Tweets on Twitter today and I came across this Tweets.
See what a Twitter user tweeted:- According to the Twitter user “Buraimo“, the Government is on the Look out for Olamide‘s next song following the Drug abuse controversies that trailed his last effort “Science Student“.
Truth be told, the controversies really tell on the Video concept of Science Student as Olamide was left with no choice than to come up with good video for the hit song without portraying any act of Drug abuse whatsoever.
If the Tweet above is anything to go by, Olamide will have to play safe on his next single since he’s currently on the Radar/Watch list of the Government.
He can’t sing about Drug again even if he had a good intention[…]

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