UNILORIN:- 7 Months In A Semester, The Fall Of A Stable Calendar!!!

The 2017/2018 Harmattan Semester Began in November 2017 (November, December, January, February, March) 5 months already gone and they promised the 100&200L student.
That test will start first week of The 6th month in a semester, Definitely Exam Can’t be concluded in the same month!!!
First it was the Machiavellian attempt to elongate the months spent by the 300l students with the introduction of an ill-planned skill acquisition programme. Now it is the postponement of both the 200l and 100l tests vis-a-vis the serial shift of the matriculation dates.
With these events, it suffices to say that the University of Ilorin which once paraded itself as the enviable Spartan of a stable academic calendar to the whole of Nigeria is at a loss of administrative suggestions and control as the mo[…]

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