Lagosian buys a bottle of Pepsi with a used straw in it

A parched Instagram user, who bought a Pepsi drink to quench his thirst was surprised to buy a cocked drink with a used straw inside. Taking to Instagram to share photos of the drink, he wrote; I needed a drink yesterday after a long day and I asked a drink vendor to gimme my usual bottle of Pepsi to my chagrin I found a used straw inside inside the factory cocked bottle of pepsi.. and I felt bad that this is not hygienic enough.. It shows @Pepsi_naija does not wash their bottle well from the factory before refilling… I want to advise the company not to leave any stone untouched when producing .. They should protect their customers; first taking healthy measures so we won’t contact disease and other infections through their products…. Now I have officially stopped taking @pepsi_na[…]

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