If he doesn’t satisfy you in bed, then he’s cheating – Model says

An Ibadan based model, Akinpelu Rachael has voiced out her opinion on sexuality with respect to how a man satisfies his woman on bed. According to pretty lady, any man that doesn’t satisfy his woman definitely cheats on her. Akinpelu Rachael’s view on sexuality and relationships is one that would raise an alarm among men but she is not ashamed to air it, because she is a woman of impeccable principles. Though she claims her relationship is private business, she believes that a man who is truly in love with his partner must be able to satisfy her sexually and otherwise. The pretty model is of the strong opinion that any man who can’t satisfy his woman in bed is probably cheating on her.
In her words: “Someone out there is milking the sexual energy from him. Every lady out there, esp[…]

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