Thursday Update On Fire And Ice Episode 147-148

At house, Twinkle takes aarti plate, it is about to fall from her hands but Kunj holds it, Twinkle says i dont know what Yuvi will do with Mahi, Kunj says i accept that Yuvi has won first stage but truth wins eventually, you cant lose hope, we will win, Anita records it in her mobile and says how boring, it is looking like scene from daily soap, let me tell you, you both have already lost, its impossible to win over Yuvi, what i couldnt do in years, yuvi did in days, i didnt like Mahi at first but then i realized that i can use Mahi to torture Leela and her family, now we are playing and you all are silent, Twinkle saves aarti diya from blowing off, Anita says i wont let this diya blow off till i dont destroy your whole family, fire has already started, she laughs and leaves.Mahi arrives […]

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